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4 Season Tent Reviews : Be Ready At Any Time

The 4 season tents are commonly known as mountaineering tents.

The reason is simple: as people go hiking, they withstand different weather conditions.

The higher you get, he colder the temperature and the powerful the winds.

Surely you aren’t going to pack multiple tents, but you need one that can face strong winds while still standing straight, a tent that can maintain a pleasant temperature while still providing good ventilation.

It all comes with a price, but the advantages you get are incomparable.

Special characteristics

The 4 seasons tents are made to resist the tough weather.

They will primarily have a hexagonal shape as they will use more stakes than average tents, to improve stability in strong winds and difficult terrains.

More stakes mean you will have more weight added to your backpack.

Find some titanium lightweight stakes to purchase in case your tent came in with steel ones.

The shape of the tent will be dome like. This way, the top of your tent will not accumulate water or snow on it.

If the top is flat, snow or water can cause your tent to collapse.

The dome shape of your tent will also need durable aluminum poles.

Plastic or fiberglass poles will break very fast in cold weather.

The aluminum, while quite pricey, made of a special alloy will be flexible enough to stand firm in the face of snow storms without permanent bending.

The light weight of these poles will not make a burden out of carrying them.

The rainfly usually extends close to the ground for a better protection against rain and cold.

A 4 seasons tent will have at least a couple of mesh panels for a better ventilation.

Popular 4 Season Tent Brand

The Big Agnes Royal Flush 3

Royal Flush 3

Big Agnes is known for their quality in providing especially sleeping bags and tents.

The only downside of this could be the price, but the performance you are asking from a 4 season tent will never come cheap unless you are willing to risk.

Big Agnes Royal Flush costs bit over $600, depending on where you purchase it from.

It is a free standing tent for ease of installation and increased stability.

It has DAC aluminum poles which are very light weighted for an easy transportation even in backpacks and very resistant for the toughest of weather conditions.

This tent also comes in with special stakes for snow and stormy weather.

If your previous tent was leaking through the floor, you might want to experience the Cordura rip-stop with silicone and polyurethane that Big Agnes is using for their extreme weather conditions tents: you won’t have any problems for years and years of camping in this tent.

Same materials are used for the fly.

It can accommodate 3 people.

Hilleberg Nammatj 2

This is a very lightweight and very sturdy tent for 2 persons.

The minimum weight can get to 5 lbs and a half which would allow you to carry it through any weather conditions.

This tent has been used in numerous Himalayan trips and Arctic adventures and has never failed its expectations.

Another quality of this tent is the ease of installation as it uses only 2 aluminum poles and four pegs.

The fabric used for this impressive tent is Kerlon 1800, which is about five times more resistant than any other tent fabric.

The inner tent can be adjusted if you need more space in the vestibule for your baggage.

This tent can be acquired for less than $600 if purchased from its retailer.

Sierra Designs Mothership 8

Sierra Designs Mothership

If you were looking for a very big, spacious 4 season tent you could use this is what you should be checking out.

A compact dome shaped tent that can accommodate up to 8 people.

Initially designed for expeditions, this would make a perfect family tent also.

Weighting 43 lbs, transportation might be difficult but not a problem if you go camping with your car.

The floor area has 130 square feet with a 27 square feet vestibule, enough for storage. The tent uses resistant DAC poles.

The vestibule is also poled for additional stability during windy weather.

The poles and the full coverage fly might make it difficult to install such a big tent, although the webbing is color coded.

The tent has an air flow vent system that keeps the interior pleasant.

The downside of this tent would be its price: $4,000 is not something anybody can pay.

But considering this is a lifetime investment, this would make a wise purchase.

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