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A-Frame Tents: Review Of Canvas A Frame Tents

A-Frame Tents are temporary, free standing structures with light weight vinyl top stretched for a number of purposes from camping to organizing large events.

The vinyl topping is a very durable and a whether proof fabric. These tents are secured with the help of ground pegs.

A-Frame tents are available in one piece or in various sections and can be installed on any kind of base. The best feature of this frame tent is that it stands in the absence of any centre pole unlike other traditional tents.

Here are some popular model of A-Frame Tents

Eureka Timberline Tent 2 Person

Eureka Timberline Tent

This classic two-person tent is a light weight to carry. This is a nice portable frame tent with a single door but two windows.

The area of 38 sq. ft covered by this tent makes it a spacious enough to camp. It has a fly which is used as a protection against the bad weather but when the climate is dry, it can be lifted up. It is a well ventilated product because of the provisions provided such as windows.

The spacious element of this tent makes even a taller person to fit in easily. Though the product is a little expensive but it is worth every dollar of it as it can easily take an extra person in it.

Scout Backpack Tent

Scout Backpack Tent

This is a sturdy backpacking vey suitable for Boy Scout troops. It can easily be set up without any help. Owning this camp, gives you the benefit of having adventures trip at a very reasonable price.

This sturdy product is a perfect fit for two people. The only disadvantage of this product could be that taller people might find it difficult to fit in.

The making of the product makes it difficult to fit cold weather so one will have to carry all the necessities.

The replacements parts for this tent are easily available. It is a very light weight product too. Keeping the negatives apart, one cannot go wrong in buying this product.

2-Person Hiker/Biker Tent

2-Person Hiker/Biker Tent

This brand new backpacking is winning a lot of reviews because of it excellent durability.

The zipper enables easy fastenings. It is specially designed for kids when they are out on school trips and a single person.

The height of the camp lengthwise enables an average heighted person to fit in but a taller person may find it tough to fit it but you can find out a way diagonally.

I don’t think one can find a better option than this at such a price. The frame shape tent is suitable for bikers as it is very light to carry and comes with a handle to support.

It is a free standing tent for easy set up. This product could be a best gift for your kid

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