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Best 10 Person Tent

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Best Family Tent

People’s inclination towards camping is increasing and Family tents are receiving growing importance day by day.

Manufacturer’s generally rate a tent based on the number of occupancy but to enjoy the benefit of camping, tent rated for one more person at the very least is at most important. Vertical space is also a very important to avoid head bumping.

This would give a real comfort while camping. All these criteria’s have given birth to the rising demand of Dome tents. Up until now, the most popular tent people look for camping with their family is the dome tent

Why do family like dome tents?

The layout of the dome tent makes it more preferable to other tents. Dome tent, as the name signifies, has a dome shaped structure with room for 2 to 4 people. Its rounded structure at the top makes it withstand rain or even snow easily.

Because of its shape and lead no corner, this makes the wind flow smoothly

Setup a dome tents is very easy, you just unfold the shock corded poles and put in to where it should be with a color guidelines. There are different color for each spot

There is enough room available both vertically and horizontally in the tent which allows a camper to stand comfortable. Unlike other tents, dome tents are freestanding with only an additional rain fly to be set up during threatening cold and rain.

Then which dome tents to buy?

Big Agnes Big House 4

Reviewers recommend brands like Kelty, Sierra designs and Eureka. Big Agnes, a king in small backpacking tents are also comfortable, easy to set up and most important weather proof. All these brands offer a full coverage rain fly to fight weather.

Brands Eureka Sunrise 9 or Sunrise 11 are less expensive and best suited for people with a tight budget. For you information, the number behind the brand such like eureka 9 means that its size, which is 9 x 9 equals to 81 sq. feet not stands for 9 people. Big House 4 has advantanges for having two doors, making easy for get in and out and convenient floor space.

A classic tent for hot weather can be the Eureka Sunrise which come with no vestibule. The design is well ventilated which is unsuitable for cold weather.

We think that this model deserve your attention when you look for best family tent

A generously spacious Swiss Gear Montreaux Family Dome Tent comes with a sleep up to ten people. The best feature of this tent is that it is a Home away from Home. You will find many family tents at your service in the store and the only thing which might be bothering you is to choose a right tent to serve your purpose. Swiss Gear already has many tents to its list but the latest tent manufactured by Swiss Gear has something unique to offer you.

Swiss Gear Montreaux


  • Enough vertical space which allows you to stand upright
  • A sewn-in room divider creating two living areas
  • The 17.5 foot floor length can easily accommodate two queen size mattress
  • Many small pockets available for storage
  • Can easily withstand steady rainfall
  • No leakage possible because the flooring is made “a sonic-welded polyethylene floor”
  • Maximum ventilation possible with 4 windows and “D” style door
  • Interiors of the tent can be modified as per our requirements i.e. the entire tent can be used without the dividers as a single living room or it could be divided to make room for storage and for the kids

Our recommendation for Best Family Tent

Kelty Yellowstone 4-Person

If you plan to buy a product worth every dollar you spend on it then Kelty Yellowstone would be the best choice, despite being a little tricky to setup. It is amongst a very few tents which can survive even the hardest windy night. This product comes with a single door full fly coverage and no vestibule.

There are many cheaper family dome tents too but less pricing comes with more drawbacks. A perfect example of this is the Columbia Bugaboo II which cannot stand too cold a climate but still it has won a larger crowd for itself.

Hope this best family tent review is handy. So next time you plans for family camping, you knows what to choose and make your trip smooth and hustle free.



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