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Cabela’s Alaknak


Cabela’s Alaknak are heavy duty in every aspect that you can think of. The Cabela’s Alaknak tent is constructed out of a waterproof 250 denier polyester cloth that is fairly indestructible. Sidewall condensation vents with hook and loop closures and 3 large windows with zippered covers give you great ventilation control. 10 perimeter tent poles give the Cabela’s Alaknak lots of rigidity in high wind conditions. Heavy duty zippered doors, and an attached awning that directs moisture runoff away from the doors helps to keep the Cabela’s Alaknak insides dry as a bone.

Some other nice features of the Cabela’s Alaknak  are fold down shelves in the sidewalls and a floor zip open panel for safe placement of a stove to help keep you warm in the toughest of conditions. There is an optional roof panel protector that I highly recommend if you are going to be taking a stove along with you on your trip as it protects the Cabela’s Alaknak tents roof  from damage due to hot embers.

The roominess in these Cabela’s Alaknak tents are outstanding as they have ample height to keep you from feeling cramped. These are all heavy duty, heavy tents. These are not backpacking type tents rather tents that are more apt to be called base camp type of tents which are heavy.

Cabela’s Alaknak Specifications

  • 3 sizes, 12ft x 12ft, 12ft x 20ft,13ft x 27ft
  • Rugged waterproof X-treme tent cloth material
  • 10 perimeter tent poles
  • Attached awning
  • Three multi panel windows
  • Sidewall condensation vents
  • 12″ steel stakes, guy ropes & storage bag

Cabela’s Alaknak ratings and reviews from users

The real test of any tent is ratings and reviews from it’s users. The Cabela’s Alaknak ratings and reviews that we have come across from real world users has been outstanding. These are typically hard core hunters and campers that need a really heavy duty base camp type of tent, and the Cabela’s Alaknak has passed the tests with flying colors. Out of approximately 100 ratings that we read over, there were only a handful of serious complaints where the users said not to buy it. These were perhaps 2 or 3 out of 100. There were a few condensation issues that we came across with people using propane heaters but with further research we feel that these were due to a lack of venting. Wooden stoves don’t seem to have the same issues with condensation.

“We used it 2 full weeks the tent went through several down pours with extreme high winds as well as some very warm days, we were both dry and cool when needed.” …… Daniel

“I have the 12×12 this will be the seventh year we have used it for late muzzle loader elk camp i have never had any problems with it works great with a wood stove but its time to up grade to a bigger tent”… Justin

“We bought our tent a while ago. It is honestly the best tent that we have ever had!!! We have used it while elk hunting in the northern Rockies and were very comfy. We never had a problem with rain while camping. We have been out in some nasty storms with it. The BEST tent ever!!!!”… H.

“Ultimate Elk Hunting Tent”….by John

Weight: 85%

Waterproof: 98%

Design: 64%

Comfort: 95%

Longivity: 86%

Price: 96%

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Total Score 85%

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