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Columbia Tents Review

Explore Columbia:

Do you love trekking and camping? But feeling a little insecure? Looking out for somebody whom you can trust and rely on? Come to Columbia! A company who lives way above the expectations of passionate campaigners and who is committed every second to get more people out the door, it has been successful in bagging consumers trust with a long history.

Columbia Sportswear, a name that has become synonyms with the outdoor company was established in the year 1938, as a small hat distributor and for over 70 years it has grown leaps and bounds in recreational products. Despite its name, the company deals in manufacturing many outdoor recreational products which covers accessories, sleeping bags, footwear, clothing and many others. It is a family owned company and to everyone’s surprise, this was the first company to introduce technologies like Omni-Tech waterproof, sun protectors and breathable materials.

Maker of Columbia Tents:

A well known brand amongst the family camping tents, the tents are made by the North-pole and supplied by the Columbia Sportswear.

Popular Choice:

The Columbia tent speaks for its style, innovation and quality. A leading and trusted brand is a king of family tents and has received outstanding reviews from its owners. Most popular choices are listed below,

  • Columbia Cougar Flats Tent for family size up to 8
  • Columbia Bugaboo Tent for family size of 5
  • Columbia High Trail tent for 6 to 8 people
  • Columbia Gardner Peak, etc.

It’s Competitors:

As the passion and exuberance for outdoor activities have increased within people, so have the suppliers of the same. Listed below are the competitors:

  • Coleman Tents
  • ALPS Mountaineering tents
  • Eureke Tents
  • Kelty Tents

Why choose Columbia over others?

Opting for the right camping equipment is as important as the brand name you choose. When it comes to recreational activities, there are many brand loyal customers whereas on the other hand, we find people choosing equipments without being concerned about the life of the equipment.

Columbia sportswear is the only company which comes with the largest variety of family tents to offer. This will give you ‘n’ no of choices to choose from as pr your requirement. Camping is an adventure and it is very essential to opt only for trusted brands. The below chart will explain why should one opt for Columbia brand over others.


  • Price competitive compared to the rivals
  • Large number of varieties to choose from
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions unlike others
  • Easy availability and fast booking
  • Guides on everything you will need for a camping trip
  • Stylish, innovative and qualitative
  • Enhanced ventilation
  • Cooling features available to fight hot temperature
  • Affordability


  • Few tents were undesirable

This analysis speaks about the performance of Columbia as a trusted brand. I hope this will guide you choose your preferred brand easily but remember, a thorough research has to be done before choosing a camping tent. Columbia tent has been the first choice of any family, especially the Columbia Cougar tents.

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