The Coleman Sundome 3 is a 3 person dome tent that is a nicely designed tent for the camping experts over at Coleman. Sundomes come in different sizes based on the number following it.

This one, the Coleman Sundome 3 is rated for 3 people with 49 square feet of sleeping space. This Coleman like many other models in their lineup is simple and easy to get set up in 10 minutes or so using color-coded poles and sleeves. One thing that also helps is that the instructions are sewn right into the carry bag so there is no excuse for losing them.

Coleman has always been good with ventilation, and there is a lot of good ventilation thanks to the new ground vent,Colemans VariFlow adjustable ventilation system, and the privacy window.There is also a nice

The tent itself is constructed out of a tough polyester mesh and taffeta, along with a polyester coated Fly. Colemans WeatherTec system as always, guarantees that you will stay dry. Frame and poles are constructed out of 8 1/2 mm fiberglass, not as strong as some aluminum ones but sufficient to withstand strong winds.

Some nice features are the convenient electrical-access port that lets you run a cord from your device in the tent to a power supply outside. There is also an interior gear pocket to store your stuff. Overall, a nice 3 season tent at a price that anyone can afford.


Coleman Sundome 3 Features and Specification

  • 7′x7′  footprint. 49 square feet with 52″ center height — rated for 3 people
  • Coleman’s Exclusive WeatherTec system keeps you dry — guaranteed
  • Control the airflow with adjustable Variflo ventilation and vented Cool-Air port
  • Easy Set up in 10 minutes or less with color coded poles
  • Durable carry bag with separate storage sacks for tent, poles and stakes
  • Setup instructions sewn into carry sack
  • Tough polyester material and rainfly
  • Convenient stay dry electrical access port
  • Weight:Approximately 8 pounds

What Current Owners Have to Say About The Coleman Sundome 3

The Coleman name has been synonymous with quality camping tents and gear for many years now.  They have a good name and a great reputation. Although they are not considered the Cadillac so to speak of in tents, they provide a very good product at a very reasonable price. If you are willing to pay a lot more money, you can always find a somewhat better product. Unless you are a hardcore camper, Colemans should suit you just fine. As always, we suggest going up 1 size in tents as the manufacturer ratings and real life ratings are separate issues. In other words, if it’s rated as a 3 person tent, consider it really a 2 person tent unless you don’t mind being cramped a bit.  Generally speaking consumers were satisfied with this tent, although there were a few comments about leaks. Comments are paraphrased for space.

“You cannot find a better tent for the money. I have camped for three years in this tent. It has kept me dry in driving rain and held up in high winds. It is favorite among my son’s Boy Scout Troop. It is easy to set up and is great for car camping or backpacking when you share carrying it”…………… M.

“This is one of the best, if not the best tent on the market. Especially in the case of price/worth ratio, its as good as you’re gonna get. Ive been a boyscout my entire life (leaving out the years that led up to cub scouts.) and out of all the tents I’ve used this one has always been the most reliable. The Coleman sundome really is the best all around camping tent. Easy and quick set up combined with a classic and efficient body shape make it my first pick every time”………………………………………….by D.

“I got this tent 2 years ago and it is nice. The floor is the only problem Ive had with it, it leaks and my Coleman sleeping bag is all cloth and gets wet very easily. As a scout I am disappointed about that for when we go on long, cold wet camping trips”…………………………….by A.

“I go to a lot of music festivals, and used this tent for two years before I had any issues with it. It is easy to put up and take down, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the trunk. The screened vents are very nice when the weather is a bit too warm. However, I was asleep in this tent at a music festival when Hurricane Ike hit Arkansas. Water-proof my bum. Everything in my tent was completely soaked, including myself. But the only damage to the tent was a ripped pole guide, and I can sew that back on easily. So if you’re planning on going camping where the weather might turn violent, this is not the best tent. Otherwise, great product for the price. Just don’t go camping in hurricanes”……………


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