The Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome Tent is a large family type of tent which will accommodate a family of 6 to 10 according to the manufacturer. It is very spacious although I think that trying to sleep 10 people in this tent might be pushing it a little far. Personally, I don’t like to feel overcrowded when I’m camping so I’m going to rate it as a six to 8 person tent, which gives everybody a little more elbow room.

This Columbia Cougar Flats II tent can be divided up into two separate rooms in case you want to keep the kids separate, or if you just want to divide into two separate spaces, one for sleeping and one for living. You also have the option of keeping it as one big space with the room divider zipped up out of the way.

The full dimensions of this tent are 15×10 with a height of approximately 7 feet tall. It is a heavy tent, weighing in at almost 55 pounds, but it comes with its own wheeled carrying bag to make it somewhat easier to move around.

Keeping the rain out should be no problem for the Columbia Cougar Flats II as it is weatherproofed with the GoBe dry rain protection system and a water proofed coated polyester fly. There is even their ingenious camp port which allows entry of a power cord without losing waterproof protection and without letting any moisture into the tent. Ventilation is also very good with Columbia’s cyclone ventilation system, and it two windows and two large doors.

Columbia Cougar Flats II Features and Specifications

  • Family Style Tent
  • Sleeps: 6 to 10 people
  • Rooms: 2
  • GoBe Dry rain protection system
  • Cyclone venting system
  • Camp Port for power cord pass thru
  • 2 windows
  • 2 doors
  • Extras: Internal pockets, hanging cupholders, storage lockers, and gear loft
  • Wheeled carrying bag for tent storage
  • Rainfly with 800mm waterproof coating
  • Dimensions: 15 by 7.16 by 10 feet (W x H x D)
  • Weight- 54 pounds

What Columbia Cougar Flats II Owners Are Saying

Generally positive reviews from owners that tell it better than we can.  Comments were paraphrased for space.

-”This Columbia tent far exceeded what I wanted. It looks great, is big enough for a family with room to spare. My wife and I use a king air mattress in one room and the other room for the kids. It has great ventilation. We haven’t slept in the rain so I can’t comment on the protection yet. I researched family tents for awhile and found this one to be my favorite”  ……… F.

-”Awesome tent. Sets up with ease, directions are well written and has tons of room. 2 adults and 2 kids with 1 queen airbed and 1 full airbed fit inside with room to spare for bags, lanterns, etc…. Has tons of windows with screens especially the top of the tent is mostly screened so you can see the sky at night wich the kids loved. The carry bag has wheels and expands so we were able to get it back into the original bag”……by G.

-”Buy it! Man, we used it over a 3-day weekend and can’t wait to use it again – such quality, we were wowed! Have always had those $100 tents and knew you got what you paid for. Sweated spending almost $300 for this one when could have easily done that again, but decided wanted quality – best decision ever made! High quality, thick fabric, heavy duty poles – about 3/4″ diameter and rigid, not those thin, flexible poles that give, makes for a sturdy tent in wind and rain, and boy did it get its test with us. Were in a torrential downpour on our first trip – huge wind, gushing rain, and she withstood it! Just a couple of minor leaks around a couple of window seams which I blame on myself for having forgotten to apply the sealant. Love the quality door flaps/zippers – nice. The little trinkets inside like cupholders, net you can hang above, and little hanging shelf system are awesome features you won’t find in cheap-o’s.”….by J.

-”Some drawbacks:
– Instructions had some shortcomings – The instructions were excellent and very detailed when it came to the setup of the tent and rainfly. I had no trouble following along. But, the instructions pertaining to the the awning, and the staking were lacking. After 15 minutes or so on the awning, resulting in it collapsing one way or another, I gave up and just rolled it up. The staking instructions made some vague references to previous steps without actually spelling out what step was being referenced. Also, I was never in the boy scouts, so if they’re going to tell me to make a slipknot, an example would have helped. The instructions had some very small diagrams that were hard to follow. I think an extra page with larger / more detailed diagrams would have made things a lot easier.

– Bay window pole stresses fabric – One of the minor leaks I found was around one of the bay windows. When I looked further, it appears that the pole that pushes it out was causing quite a bit of stress along the adjacent seam. This not only seemed to allow some leakage, but I fear that over time will degrade the seam altogether. This only happened on one side of one of the bays, so I’m not quite sure.

-Rainfly does not adequately cover the doors – The previous Columbia tent I referenced had a rainfly that protected the doors, probably a little too well as it was a bit difficult to get in and out. This tent seemed to take it to the opposite extreme. It’s really easy to get in and out but that’s because the rainfly doesn’t protect the area around the doors at all. This allows the door and the area around it to get wet. A bit more overhang would have gone a long way and is definitely missed during and after a rain.

I would definitely recommend this tent and gave it a four star rating. None of the items above are deal breakers but they do take away one star.”………by M.

The Columbia Cougar Flats II Tent is a winner in our estimation and as one of the best tents for camping, it should be amongst your contenders of possible choices.


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