The Easton Mountain Kilo Tent is what’s known as a non or partially freestanding tent. That’s what is real interesting about this Easton Mountain Kilo Tent. A non or partially freestanding tent like this Easton Mountain Kilo Tent relies on the tension from the corner stakes or the guy lines to give them stability and structure. You save quite a bit of weight due to the lack of some structure poles, the tradeoff being that there is sometimes more difficulty in setting up on surfaces like bedrock. There are some poles, thin  carbon fiber ones that are very strong and almost 60% lighter than comparable aluminum ones. With that being said, The Easton Mountain Kilo Tent is a partially freestanding two persons double walled tent that weighs an incredible 2 1/4 pounds or so. A 3 season waterproof tent with taped seams and a bathtub floor.

The body of the Easton Mountain Kilo Tent is composed of no see um mesh, great for ventilation and star watching. There is a full coverage fly which attaches with Velcro to the frame, and it is  made of coated rip stop nylon that will ensure you of being dry under any condition. One window and one door. A roughly 5 1/2 foot vestibule at the front will let you store your gear out of the way. Set up is quick an easy as it is color coded for you.

Easton Mountain Kilo Tent Features And Specifications

Made For 3 Season Camping.
Waterproof construction with bathtub floor and taped seams.
Carbon Fiber Poles-Easton Carbon ION™ with AirLock™ Connectors.
Color-coded poles with quick-clip pole hooks for fast & easy pitching.
Grommeted fly attaches to the spine pole for secure alignment.
Quick attach loops on fly.
Double wall construction.
Full mesh body offers excellent ventilation and insect protection.
Stakes: Ultra light Easton made high strength aluminum. (7.4g each)
Vestibule space for small pack or gear.
Guy Lines: 3
Available foot print.
Weighs Just 2 lbs, 3 oz minimum weight
Dimension 7’8” x 4’1”
Floor Area 27 1/2 Sq Ft
Vestibule Area 5.4 sq ft.

Easton Mountain has been around since 1922. If your needs are for a lightweight backpacker type of tent, then  this is a very good choice. The name Easton Mountain Kilo Tent is an appropriate name for this tent as a kilo is approximately 2.2 pounds, and the Easton Mountain Kilo Tent weighs just about that incredible small amount. There is also a larger size available for 3 people with roughly the same space to weight ratio of about  a pound a person. Light weight, well built and backed with a strong warranty, you can’t go wrong with an Easton Mountain Kilo Tent.


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