The Exped Mira II Tent is a new tent for us this year that has come in passing with flying colors. The Exped Mira II comes to us from a Swiss Company, a new player at least for us. Not only did we really like it, but some of us really loved the Exped Mira II and that is saying a lot as there are quite a number of really good tents out there today. We have to give The Exped Company really high marks for this Exped Mira II as it is a really nicely designed tent.

Exped Mira II Design And Features

The Exped Mira II is a 3 season, freestanding just under 30 square foot lightweight and compact 2 person tent. It has a 43 inch height at it’s center peak point, making it not too claustrophobic. There are 2 decently sized 7 square foot vestibule, one at each of the 2 doors for your boots and packs, while the dry entry design of this Exped II tent shelters you from water runoff from the fly penetrating into the doorway to keep your nice and dry during stormy weather.

The floor material is a 70 Denier coated nylon, while the rainfly is a 30 Denier coated nylon. The tent itself is a UV resistant and well ventilated no see um tent. The 3 color coded poles and sleeves are continuous DAC aluminum featherlight variety. You can also stake the Mira Expedia II with the guy lines to pull it more taught and to give it a bit more stability in high winds if you so choose. The Exped Mira II weighs in at 3.9 pounds minimum weight, with a fully packed weight of 4.4 pounds.

What the manufacturer Exped has done with this Mira Exped II tent is to eliminate a few ounces of pole weight and used that weight savings to use a heavier coating on both the floor and rain fly to give this tent more rain repellency during bad weather to help keep you dry. We like the concept.

Exped Mira II Tent is a 2 person tent but the Exped also comes in a Mira I 1 person and a Mira III, 3 persons versions as well. Overall, we have to give this Exped Mira II tent a real thumbs up as a very good tent at a very reasonable price, under $400, for what you get. We are not the only ones who really liked this tents. The editors over at Backpack magazine gave it their best all around tent choice for 2012. We have to agree with them as we were very impressed with the Exped Mira II Tent ourselves.


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