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Nemo Tent Review

Nemo tent has recently joined the ranks of the most sought after tents and camping equipment among those who relish the great outdoors.

If you are one of these people you have already heard of Nemo Elite Camping equipment if not you are in for a treat.

These tents are great for all types of hikers and backpackers, but they also work just as well for families who just want to spend a bit more time together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Background

Nemo tent is known for being lightweight this is due to the fact they are at the forefront when it comes to air supported camping tents.

Since 2003 when they firsyt rolled out the air supported tent prototype they have made great strides in actually creating a viable tent that required no metal beams for support.

They even took on a project o create tents or habitat modules for the lunar and Martian exploration teams in conjunction with NASA.

Nemo tents were one of the first to develop a “Green” tent. These tents are made from 100% recycled material and poles of bamboo.

Nemo also has a full line of “Ditto™” products. These are what they refer to as up-cycled products.

Nemo is a leader in innovative camping gear with an eye toward saving the planet for future generations to enjoy.

Nemo Losi Tent

These durable and lightweight tents are perfect for campers, especially campers on the go.

The Nemo Losi 3P tent is one of the best three person tents on the market. It is roomy, with and interior space of 50 square feet.

Three people can be at ease and comfortable with all that space to move about in. This tent may be a bit pricier than most others but it is well worth it.

Even with the price tag it has soared high on the popularity charts.

Total weight is only 5.9lbs and it boast a unique pole configuration for added strength and it is easy to set up and take down.

Nemo Morpho Tent

For backpackers the Nemo Morpho AR tents will help you stay prepared for any eventuality.

This is one of the most amazing two person tents around. It can easily handle all seasons and it is built to be reliable, sleek and simple to set up.

The heaviest snows, high winds and even torrential downpours are no match for its sturdy construction.

It is the only one of the Nemo line of tents that comes with the handy Nemoid foot pump.

The pump makes inflation a breeze; this is a luxury for those who have trudge for a few miles through brush and bramble.

Although it adds a bit of weight most campers and hikers feel it is well worth its weight.

The tent has been modified over the last few years but this was only to give you the best features possible.

Features like the tent itself weighing only 4.8lbs, you can carry it with ease.

The interior has plenty of room to stretch out inn and it is totally 100% water proof.

The best part, with the pump it only takes a scant 45 seconds to set up.

The only thing about this tent that can give you pause is its price tag but for convenience most owners say the price was worth paying.

Nemo Asashi Tent

If you are a family of campers then Nemo tents have a size perfect for you the kids and even the family dog.

The Asashi is a 4 person tent that compacts easily for travel.

It fits into the trunk of most vehicles and you want break your back lugging it from the car to the camping ground.

The tent comes with interior storage, a feature the wives love and when you cuddle down for the night everyone will be comfortable.

One of its best features is that you can actually connect two of the Nemo Asashi tents together making room for 8 people in all or just to give you more living space.

It weighs less than 10lbs, has 63 square feet of floor space and 17sqft for a vestibule.

Final Words

Nemo tents are praised by consumers not only for their ease in set-up and light weight but also because of their strength and durability.

These are the ultimate tents for those who want to be indoors while enjoying the great outdoors.

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