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North Face Mountain 25 Tent Review

If you’re going to invest in a tent that will serve as your home and shelter on any of your trips and on any of the four seasons, a lot of thought and research should be done. Or you could simply narrow down your search by looking into the trusted names when it comes to camping, mountaineering, backpacking and other similar gear or products. The North Face is one of those names, and The North Face Mountain Tent is certainly one of their reliable products.


Scaling The North Face Mountain 25 Tent

The North Face Mountain 25 is a 4 season expedition tent product designed to provide adequate shelter, safety and protection. It is built with innovative technology and such a creativity that gives it sturdy features for both the experienced and a first-time mountaineer. Here are the features that make The North Face Mountain Tent a standout:

  • The floor and rainfly are designed with waterproof materials like polyester ripstop with polyurethane coating or durable water repellent (DWR) which protect users from elements. Also, the included Polyurethane Windows can withstand a -60F / -51C temperature.
  • Refined with the innovative Lift Technology, the pole/hub system on the Mountain 25 may permit wind to pass through; thereby raising the tent slightly. Also notable are the top and bottom zip vents, along with the mesh screens. These, along with the roof vents that prevent the build-up of heat in the tent’s interior, increase its overall ventilation as well as provide more than enough stability.
  • The North Face Mountain 25 was built to achieve a fast-pitching quality which most mountaineers need when the snowstorm is coming for a ‘greeting’. It comes with a Fusion Pitch technology, the coded canopy made from 40D nylon ripstop, and the rainfly webbing with which you can set and dismantle it in no time. The DAC Featherlite NSL tent pole technology renders it light yet provides adequate resistance against wind and other elements.
  • Its bare reflective guylines and glow-in-the dark zippers and loops will provide you with enough illumination to set up or dismantle the tent in the dark. Definitely, it would make your tent difficult to miss or overlook in the camp.
  • It features dual doors and vestibules for easy entrance and exit, aside from improved ventilation. This becomes very useful when one has to cook or stay inside the tent for 2 to 3 days in a row, due to the bad weather.
  • In order to prevent your gear from getting mixed up or become disorganized, internal side and roof pockets have been integrated into the tent.

Differences between North Face 25 and North Face 35

Basically the North Face Mountain 25 Tent and North Face Mountain 35 tent are two identical tents. However, they differ only in capacity, the dimensions and the weight. The Mountain 25 can hold 2 persons while the Mountain 35 can easily accommodate 3 occupants at one time. The material, number of doors and number of poles are all the same. However, the Mountain 35 is, naturally, heavier and wider than the Mountain 25.

Experience Says It All

The performance of the North Face Mountain got tested when some users “were faced with nasty rainy conditions while using it”. While others got soaked as “water got in under the vestibules, the Mountain remained impervious to any attempt of the rain or water leaking in and kept us dry throughout the rainy night”. Even condensation or frost cannot creep in, as is the case with other tents.

User Complaints

There are those who complain that “the North Face Mountain is quite heavy and bulky”. However, they also readily admit that “its solid performance more than makes up for that fact”. Others encountered problems with setting it up, saying it can be quite time-consuming, “sometimes the elastic shock cord of the tent poles freezes at extremely low temperatures. This causes difficulty in retracting easily into the pole, dragging on the short time it normally takes to set it up.”

Reach New Heights with The North Face Mountain

With the Mountain 25 and 35 from North Face, you are equipped with all you need for your expedition or mountain trip without worrying about wind, snow or rain. If you are looking for the best four season or high mountain tent that will retain your warmth, provide the needed functionality and resistance against outdoor elements and remains durable enough to serve you for several seasons, North Face’s Mountain 25 and 35 provides all these… and more.

Where Can I Purchase the North Face Mountain Tent?

If you are interested in this Tent to be your shelter on your next mountain expedition, you can purchase it at a discounted price through Also read through more details before deciding if North Face Mountain 25 or North Face Mountain 35 is the best tent for your next mountain activity.

North Face Mountain 25 Info and Specs

Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz / 3.86 kg
Packaged weight: 9 lbs 15 oz / 4.52 kg
Capacity: 2 person
Floor dimensions: 86 x 54 in / 218 x 137 cm
Peak Height: 41 in / 104 cm
Number of Doors: 2
Number of Poles: 5
Packed size: 7 x 24 in / 17.8 x 61 cm

North Face Mountain 35 Info and Specs

Weight: 10 lbs 1 oz / 4.57 kg
Packaged weight: 11 lbs 5 oz / 5.14 kg
Capacity: 3 person
Floor dimensions: 96 x 68 in / 244 x 173 cm
Peak Height: 44 in / 112 cm
Number of Doors: 2
Number of Poles: 5
Packed size: 7 x 24 in / 17.8 x 61 cm

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