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Pop-Up Your Camping!

Determine Your Camping Needs

Make sure you spend a few minutes to think about how you are planning on using your outdoor pop up tent.  The first question you need to ask yourself is what time of year will you be camping?  Most quick Pop up tents are designed for three-season use.  This means they can handle the temperatures and weather of spring, summer and fall.  If you are planning on camping in the winter you will need to get a four-season tent.  These tents are studier and designed for camping in snow, but they are usually heavier and have less ventilation so they do not work as well in the summer when ventilation is the primary concern.

Types of Pop Up Tents Reviews

Camping tents come in many different shapes, sizes & materials.  By understanding the differences in these elements, you can go along way to choosing the perfect family tent or 2 man tent.  Make sure to read the tent reviews to help you make a good informed decision.

  • Size – Make sure the tent is big enough and there is plenty of space to sleep comfortably and stow your gear.  I usually recommend getting a tent bigger than you think you need so you can stow all your gear and are sure to have plenty of room.
  • Material – Polyester can withstand extended exposure to the sun; Nylon is lighter weight and canvas is durable but very heavy
  • Strength – Sturdy tent poles and pegs, double sewn seams, well secured fastenings and heavy duty zippers help to ensure the durability of your tent.
  • Features – Ventilation as discussed above is very important to consider.  Windows and door mesh to keep out the bugs are a most in some areas especially in summer camping.  Also consider if having two doors is import for you.  With two doors you don’t have to worry about getting stepped on when someone needs to leave or come in.

Make sure you get the best tent you can by reviewing what our readers have to say about the tent purchases they have made.  An informed buyer is a happy buyer.


Pop Up Tent Trailers are conventional vehicles which can be caved in for easy storage and transport.

This tent trailer is also popularly called Pop up tent Campers.

Once this is set up it becomes very spacious for when compared to the collapsed state.

The setting p of this camper requires a hand crank or a hydraulic lift to lift up the top portion of the camper. This utility trailer promises portability and flexibility with a full fledge kitchen, bathroom, dinning and sleeping facilities.

Any popup tent trailer consists of a trailer frame, a box, a hand roof, pull-out bunks and “soft” walls. The advantages of Popup tent campers are that they are reasonably priced amongst all the towable campers.

As the campers have soft walls, they weigh less than any campers. This property of it makes it suitable to be towed behind any Vans and SUV’s. It has been noticed that people generally get confused with the terminology used to refer as few of them call it “tent campers” whereas the beginners call it “folding Campers”, all these names refer to the same product which folds down into a box. The window is a Vinyl covered which protects from UV rays and also includes flexibility so that the windows could be easily open and shut down.

The disadvantages of these campers are that the set up time required is more, because of the soft walls not too many amenities can be included, bad weather is not supported and the biggest of all, less privacy as the bathroom is also covered with only a curtain.

This is a nice upgrading of tent as it provides comfort and protection against all the weather elements which a tent finds it difficult to give. There are additional heaters and air conditioners also available which are optional.

Amenities found, optional too:

  • Air conditioner
  • Cable TV
  • Boat rack
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Indoor shower
  • Mirrored vanity
  • Micro oven
  • Cook and stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink
  • Water heater, etc.

Types of Pop Up Tent Trailers

Apart from the traditional popup, there are many others with a little variation available

  • High wall pop-ups
  • Motorcycle tent trailers
  • Toyhauler pop-ups
  • Off road pop-ups
  • A-frame
  • Flip-out camper

A basic Pop-up trailer can be found for a little 500$. High end campers are also available with all the luxury elements for 5,000$ to around 20,000$. Research says that people spend around 8,000$ to 12,000$.

This new generation of tent is the hottest trend in RV’s. One can create a homely atmosphere even when you are far away from your home. Camping is so exciting that any kind of Popup tent trailer will enable peace and comfort while camping.


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