I have to admit that when I first heard of the The Sportz SUV Tent line of products, I was a bit  dumbfounded. I didn’t really understand it until I actually saw it.

The Sportz SUV Tent with screen room is a tent for people that want to go camping and have the  additional benefit of using their SUV, minivan or truck as additional sleeping and storage space.  This is a park your vehicle, open the Sportz SUV tent and make use of both the tent and vehicle as  usable living space. It is a concept that works really well. The tent wraps itself around the rear cargo area of your  vehicle to make use of all that extra space. If you need to use your vehicle and drive off to pick  up supplies, the removable vehicle sleeve portion easily detaches to leave the tent as a stand  alone shelter and you can drive off to take care of what you need to do.

The additional space and convenience of having your vehicle as part of the tent shelter is a good  idea. This is not a tent for backpackers or for campsites where no vehicle access is allowed. But  if you like the idea of having access to and your vehicle close at hand, the concept works really  well. The 100 square foot tent will sleep 5 to 6 people. There is 7×6 ft. screen room that is handy for  bug free dining, or additional sleeping space, and if space is limited the screen room can easily  be unzipped and removed.

It’s quick and easy to set up with shock corded fiberglass and steel poles. 2 doors and mesh  windows provide good ventilation, and you will stay dry with the rain fly and quality construction  of the materials used. Be advised that this is a heavy tent, weighing in at over 38 lbs. This  heavyweight is ideal for vehicle camping, but definitely not for backpackers.

Also, be aware that there are a few different models, each one being specific to a select group of  vehicles. Make sure that you choose the right one for your vehicle.

Sportz SUV Model 83000 Features & Specifications

  • Sleeping capacity 5-6 people
  • 100 square feet with 42 sq ft screen room
  • Shipping Weight 51 pounds
  • Tent weight 38 pounds
  • Center height 7 ft 3 inches
  • Heavy Duty 1200mm PU Polyester treated taffeta
  • Rain Fly with 6×6 awning
  • 2 doors, 3 windows and 2 skylights

The Sportz SUV Tent Owner Reviews and Comments

In every review that we researched and came across, there was nothing but great things said about  this tent. Everybody loves it. I cannot find a bad thing as of yet to say about it. Here are a few  of the comments that we came across, paraphrased for space.

“This is far and away the best tent I have ever owned. All of my past tent purchases were for the  purpose of lightweight backpacking. They were great for their intended purpose, but wore out  relatively quickly for the same reason…lightweight materials and construction. This Napier tent  is one heavy bastard, but that’s okay since it is intended for SUV camping”………. by D.G.

“This is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time…I LOVE the adventures it has given  me! I appreciate the added security of sleeping in my ‘bunk’, and having this large tent and screen  Room for my living area. I recommend it to everyone who may be interested in getting back to  nature”……. by M.D.

“This is a really well made tent for car/van/truck camping. The overall quality of the tent is very  good, and the connection to the back of our minivan is a great feature! We were able to leave all  of our clothes and stuff in the back of our van instead of having it all over the floor of the  tent, which gave us more space to walk around. The attached screen room is nice as well. Our kids  slept out there and felt like they had their own room”………….by B.W.

Bottom line, this product, in fact their whole range of products are winners. These tents are  geared for the “Glamper” crowd, a cross between hotels, campers and tent crowds and it hit the mark  perfectly. I was a bit skeptical at first being more of a hard nosed camper, but being opened  minded, I have to admit that I really like the Sportz SUV tent.



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