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Sportz Truck Tent III

For the second time this year, we had the pleasure of camping out in one of the truck tents from Sportz Truck Tents. We had the opportunity to hook up one of these babys recently in the bed of a Ford full sized pick truck, and quite honestly we walked away impressed with this Napier Sportz Truck Tent III. Some people refer to these tents as tailgate tents. These truck tents or tailgate tents, whichever way you choose to call them allow you to use the room in the back of your truck, your pickups bed as a bed so to speak.

Basic Info

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A fully enclosed truck tent, it keeps you totally protected from the elements and it is actually a lot more roomy than one would expect it to be, with the two of us having plenty of sleeping room. This truck tent has practically six feet of headroom, and a 6 x 6 foot awning that extends from the back of the truck which offers you some shade from the hot sun.

We had no trouble setting this up in about 10 minutes. It has a sewn in floor, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning out the floor of the pickup bed. There is also a couple of inside pockets for storage and a gear loft as well. The tent itself is made of a heavy duty rip stop nylon, and there are two large no see um mesh windows for good ventilation.  Poles are constructed out of a carbon fiber wrapped fiberglass for added strength.

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Sportz Truck Tent III Features and Specifications

  • Patented sewn in nylon floor
  • Color coded pole and sleeve system allows fore easy set up
  • Over 5.5 feet of head room
  • Two large no-see-um mesh windows (38″ x 18″) and ceiling vents for great ventilation
  • Full rain fly is tape seamed
  • 6′ x 6′ awning with adjustable poles
  • Two interior pockets and gear loft for storing items off the ground
  • Access sleeve lets you run cords from the cab to inside the tent
  • Inside support pole adds strength to the tent
  • Convenient carrying bag included
  • Frame composted of Shock-corded, carbon fiber wrapped, fiber glass poles
  • Sleeps 2 comfortably

Our Thoughts On The Sportz Truck Tent III

There were only a few reviews that we could track down from owners of these truck tents and overall the ratings were quite favorable. The comment that stood out the most from what we saw was the comment that the floor could have been more padded. While some what in agreement with the idea of a more padded floor, I don’t recall ever camping out anywhere where the floor was padded. If that’s a concern, then we suggest bringing some air mattresses along with your sleeping bags to solve that problem. As for our reflections on this truck tent,we really enjoyed the time that we spent with this truck tent. It served it’s purpose with no hiccups, even in the rain. There are various models from Sportz Truck Tents that will fit just about any pick up or SUV. These tents are model specific so if you are going to be purchasing one, make sure that it’s the right match with your truck or SUV. For about the same price as a night in a decent hotel, you can have your own personal hotel room on wheels sans (a fancy term for without) the bathroom facilities. Bottom line, we liked the Sportz Truck Tent and highly recommend it.

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